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Harness the power that a custom app can bring to your business. We have built numerous custom apps for companies involved in the storm response industry, making it easier to manage crew members, track hotel stays, and plot a better financial course. Not to mention long term financial savings.

Power Manager


All our apps can be installed on the users cell phone, making it easier for them to stay intuned with your company.


Keep your utility, tree, or debris removal workers notified for deployment and up to date on the latest happenings.

Easy to Use

Simplicity is the best policy when it comes to app interfaces. Designing simple interfaces for complex solutions is our specialty.

Rise To Possibilities
That Are Limitless

Check out some of our current/past projects

Blackout Power Workstation (User)

Blackout Power was looking to streamline the management of their employees, so we developed an app that auto extracted/totaled expense receipts and allowed crew members and managers to clock in and out.

  • Receipt Transcription
  • Time management
  • JSA form uploads
  • Custom Reports

Blackout Power Workstation (Staff)

While the front facing part of the app allows for crew members to log their time and upload receipts/docs, the backend provides staff with the ability to view/edit all those entries and generate reports.

  • Simple/Intuitive Interface
  • Today’s tasks on main screen
  • Edit/Create/View records
  • Custom Reports

Grid Connex (User)

Grid Electric was in need of a user portal where people on their storm roster could upload required documents and watch necessary training. This reduced the amount of time they had to spend on managing their crew members.

  • Edit their profile (including contact info)
  • Watch required training videos
  • Fill out necessary forms
  • Search & view past docs/videos

Grid Connex (Admin)

To increase efficiency and save time/money on routine tasks, Grid Electric staff members can log into an admin area and quickly add new documents for users to fill out and manage existing users and docs.

  • View new users
  • Review docs that have been filled out
  • See who has and has not completed required docs
  • Add/Edit docs for users to complete
  • Search & view past docs

Custom Apps
Simplify & Save


Save over 20 man hours a week on routine tasks.


Number of mobile devices in use.

People that prefer using a mobile app over traditional web.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my app be usable both on desktop and mobile?

Yes! All of our custom apps work on all devices. The user has the option to access the app either through their browser or by downloading a dedicated app on their phone. As long as someone has access to a browser, they can access the app at any time.

How much does it cost?

Every app is different and requires a different amount of time and resources to develop. This is why we will provide you with a free quote before any development starts.

Also, all of our builds are billed on a “milestone” basis, so you only have to pay for the work done at set milestones, instead of having to pay for either everything up front or one big payment at the end.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. The only recurring cost will be the monthly cost of maintenance / upgrades / server space to hold all the data that end users store on the platform. That price will be fully outlined in the free quote that you receive before beginning the project.

Increase Engagement
With Apps that Produce

All consultations are free. There’s no cost to discover how we can help increase both end user engagement along with streamlining backend processes, which help reduce overhead costs.

Putting storm response companies first is what we do.

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