Put Your
Above the Fold

Leverage the power of a good digital marketing strategy to get your company at the top of search results and in the eyes of millions of users. This allows your company to be more visible, expand your crew rosters, and generate more income.

Google Ads results for Revival

Targeted Advertising

Up your engagement by serving ads to your target audience depending on their search keywords, websites visited, and online interests.


Increase your industry presence with regular blog posts to showcase your knowledge and experience in the field.

Video Advertising

Capture the interest of cities and counties nationwide, so when the next storm rolls in, you are first on their call list.

Social Media Advertising

Leverage the power of social media to connect with both those looking to join your team, and those looking to contract with your company for the next storm.

Email Marketing

Connect your business with major companies and communities nationwide through an active email campaign so you are first to be called up.

Digital Campaigns
Massive Results


Increase visits over three-fold to your website.


Reach all states/provinces  in the US + Canada.

Appear on the first page of Google.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if my campaigns are bringing in the right results?

Our team of digital experts will schedule regular meetings to go over the campaign statistics. Everything is broken down from demographics to devices the users are using. As we continue to work together, campaigns are fine-tuned to make sure they are providing you with the outcomes you need.

How much does it cost?

You set the budget. Our marketing team works for you, so you tell us what your monthly budget is, and we will only spend up to that amount. You never have to worry about unexpected ad expenses!

Can I target specific demographics?

Absolutely! All of our campaigns are targeted to meet the needs of the storm response industry, so we know what works best depending on your use case. We can create a campaign that targets linemen if you want to build your storm roster, while at the same time running a different campaign to build brand awareness.

Digital Marketing
Flowing With Energy

All consultations are free. There’s no cost to discover how we can help boost your company, whether that be utility, tree service, or debris removal.

Putting storm response companies first is what we do.

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